Why Does The Garage Door Opener Need To Be Installed By A Professional?

Garage door openers should be installed by a professional for the following reason: liability (opener has built in features that need to be calibrated correctly to not cause damage to property or bodily injuries), safety (opener could fall from the ceiling if not mounted correctly from the wood studs), and warranty( an improper installation job of a garage door opener could cause damage to the garage door opener or to the garage door it self)

What Do I Do When My Garage Door Is Not Opening?

Disengage the garage door opener from the pull release rope.  If the garage door opens manually then the issue is with the garage door opener.  If the garage door does not open manually then the issue is with the garage door which could be a number of things such as a broke spring or a broke cable.

What Do I Do When My Garage Door Is Not Closing?

Press and hold the internal wall button for the garage door opener.  If that does not work then pull the release rope and close the door manually.  If neither option work then you will need a garage door technician.

What Is Wrong When The Opener Motor Runs, But Will Not Open Or Close The Door?

This could be a number of things, the simplest fix is to make the garage door opener is engaged with the garage door itself.  If that’s not the issue then it could be an internal part inside the garage door opener such as the follow:  damaged worn gear, damaged sprocket, or the circuit board of the garage door opener.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Opener Transmitter Work?

The remote battery might need replacing if the most simple fix.  If that does not work then the issue could a defective remote, defective receiver board or circuit board.  Finally it can also be a signal interference issue.

Can Garage Door Opener Code Be Changed?

Yes, Garage door openers works on a rolling code( this means the code changes every second).  From time to time the garage door opener requires to be simply re-programmed from the learn button.  This is all by design from the manufacture of the garage door openers to prevent anyone from hacking the signal of the garage door opener.

How Can I Tell If I Need To Replace My Garage Door Spring?

Garage doors need to be balanced at any given position.  This means the garage door cannot be heavy which can be tested by opening the garage door manually.  If it drops then garage door spring has lost tension and need to either re-tensioned or replaced.

Should I Replace Both Springs When One Is Damaged?

Garage door spring has only so many cycles, this means if one garage door spring is broken the the other garage door spring is at the end of its life cycle.  Also two new garage door springs on a big door will keep the balancing even on both sides to prevent the garage door from heavy or shifting.

How Can A Garage Door Be Fixed That Won’t Go Up?

If a garage door won’t go up manually then the issue is definitely with the garage door.  This could be a broken spring, broke cable, or broken roller.  All of those scenarios require a professional garage door repair.

Should I Replace My Whole Garage Door If Only A Section Is Damaged?

If the garage door section is still available it can be changed, however, manufacturers tend to discontinue production of sections after about 15 years.

Can I Change My Garage Door Panel By Myself?

No, doing any changes to the garage door such a panel replacement requires taking the load of the garage door springs or cables.  Not doing this properly could cause bodily harm.

What Kind Of Maintenance Does A Garage Door Need?

Garage door needs annual maintenance such as a tune up, lubrication, adjustments, balancing, and general inspection.  Doing so will prevent bigger issues down the line.

What Is The Most Recommended Garage Door Opener?

Chamberlain, Liftmaster, or Craftsman.

What Is The Difference Between Right And Left Wind Springs?

Garage door springs are designated for different sides. Meaning one is for the left side and other for the right side. Installing them improperly will lead to further damage and bodily harm.  Also installed garage door spring requires special tools.  When it comes to garage door springs one size does not fill all garage doors, different size garage door spring are  designed to accommodate the different weights of the garage doors.

Where Should I Buy The Garage Door Opener From?

Big box stores usually carry the Chamberlain brand but we recommend using a garage door dealer option for liability and warranty reason.  For example if you buy a defective opener from a big box stores then you are responsible for any warranty replacement of parts.

My Garage Door Only Opens Or Closes Part Way Then Reverses.

This issue couple be as simple as misaligned safety sensors or could be as complicated as a broken garage door cable.

Do I Need An Insulated Garage Door?

Non-insulated garage doors have no structural integrity. This means the garage doors can be easily damaged. Also insulated garage doors come with a lifetime limited warranty on the paint and finish. Finally in an environment such  as Ontario we do recommend and insulated door to withstand the harsh cold weather in the winter.

Which Is The Best Place To Buy A Garage Door Opener?

Garage door dealers are always going to be your best option for warranties. Also garage door dealer are bonded, insured in case if anything goes wrong during installation.

My Garage Door Is Opening Only Halfway.

Usually this a result of a couple of reason such as: broken garage door spring, broken garage door cable, broken garage door roller.

How Do I Take The Measurements Before A New Garage Door Purchase?

Measure the width and the height of your garage door. But the better option is to get a free in home estimate by a professional garage door company.

Is It Possible For Me To Change The Garage door Broken Springs Or Cable On My Own?

The short answer is no because the garage door is under tension.  This tension stems from the garage door spring and the garage door cable.  Improperly handling those parts can leads to bodily harm.

Why is my Garage Door Is Making Noise & Is very Heavy.

Garage door rollers can be very noisy if they are old or damaged. And a garage door can be heavy if the garage door spring is old or no balanced