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    Commercial Garage Door Openers

    Commercial garage door openers are supposed to be robust, high-tech and reliable to provide maximum security. We have been the most trusted commercial garage door opener suppliers and repairers in the whole of Canada. Depending on the client’s specific requirements, we offer different types and sizes of garage door openers.

    Our team can check your commercial garage door, understand its strength and deliver the best openers for you. We always like delivering customized openers to make sure they serve people nicely and protect their commodities as required. Here are some of the specifications of the modern openers that we offer.


    Standard Features

    • Our openers come with a 3/4 HP motor. This is a heavy-duty motor that can lift the weight of your door efficiently for smooth and easy opening. We like to select the motor based on your door strength so that we achieve a smooth functionality. All custom doors come with an opener with a custom motor. Motor vibration Isolation system is meant to make your door work silently.
    • Some motors may fail to work properly during bad weather. Our openers are all-weather because the motors are designed to withstand any harsh environmental weather condition. You can open and close your door any time, any season without any problem.
    • We have smart Garage Door Openers-These enables you to program codes from your devices that act as security passwords to opening and closing of your door. The enclosed gear case provides easy lubrication for reduction of wear and tear. This makes your opener to work efficiently and last longer than anticipated.
    • Most of our openers enable you to connect your lights, garage door and other features to your smartphone so that you can control everything from your phone. It is one of the technologies that have been used to promote convenience and security.

    Included Accessories

    Accessories are added to make usage of the opener easy and efficient. For example:

    • Smart Control PanelTM- is meant to display important system messages like temperature and other functional or security alerts. You are therefore able to adjust your system accordingly and make it work properly. It also turns on all lights on your garage if you enter a dark garage.


    • Premium Remote Control-This remote enables you to open your commercial garage door even on the dark. The moment you take your hand closer to the garage, the opening button illuminates itself enabling to know where to press.

    Safety Features

    • The Protector System-Normally, a door would close from top to bottom regardless of what stands on its way. Such doors could damage things on your commercial area especially the ones that are kept where the door lands. This protection system allows the door to sense any obstruction on its way and makes it stop. It is therefore safe and secure at all times.
    • There is also a lock that secures the door when it is down to prevent any kind of intruders from getting access to your garage. There is a manual release lever connected in a case power outage is experienced in your region.

    All our products come with a warrant of up to five years. If you buy from us, our team will have it installed and tested before they leave your place. We are dedicated to making sure your garage is efficient and can provide the security you want.

    Besides just fixing and installing openers, we can repair the damaged or compromised openers and restore the efficiency or reliability of your garage door. Just book a service from us and we will deploy our team to come and assess it.


    Modern Openers with Top Quality Doors

    We are the experts in garage door designing and we can use any material to craft customized heavy duty doors for your commercial garage. Giving us the duty to serve you in installing openers and doors will guarantee top quality services that will serve you efficiently and work for longer than anticipated.

    The technology inventions and improvements in garage doors are well known to us so we will incorporate all features. Designing is done based on customer’s preference but we are always honest to ensure you don’t compromise the quality at the expense of aesthetic excellence.

    We not only offer openers but we also repair all broken or compromised garage doors. Give us a call for all your garage door needs and we will always be there to provide you with excellent services and even give you a warrant for those services.