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    What we do

    Garage Doors Repairs and Designs

    Architectural Series

    Aluminum Full-View Doors and Steel Insulated Full-View Doors


    Full-View Stacking Doors

    Extreme Series

    High Performance Door System

    Energy Series With Intellicore

    Polyurethane Insulated Commercial Steel Doors, R-values to 27.2


    Polystyrene Insulated Commercial Steel Doors, R-values to 9.1


    Ribbed Steel Commercial Doors Available with or without Insulation

    Commercial Garage Door Designs

    Commercial garages require tough doors that are convenient to use and reliable in providing. We have a variety of commercial door materials that you can choose from to ensure we design typical and functional outstanding doors for your place.

    Our team first examines your commercial place, gets an understanding of all parameters before designing the commercial garage door for you. We always make sure all features included are essential for smooth functionality, safety, and security provision. Sectional, high speed, rolling or any kind of commercial door, we can always design and install it at your commercial place.


    Sectional Type of Garage Door Designs

    We have a variety of sectional types of doors. They could be made from any design and material depending on the client’s preference and the commercial area itself.

    Thermacore Designs

    These are doors that can reserve the energy and filter air to make your garage clean and excellent. They are designed to offer wind load resistance so that doors don’t easily break. We can design it to perfectly meet your security demands by installing top quality openers. The garage door windows can either be placed at the center or at the top of the door depending on the style one would like to have.


    Aluminium Glass Doors

    We can design framed and unframed glass garage doors. We provide the best designs that can allow perfect illumination even if your door is closed. We use the toughest glass and Aluminium material to ensure we deliver the best designs. The frame can be of different designs to ensure we bring the desired aesthetic appearance of your place.


    Insulated Steel Backed-Doors

    Preserving energy without using electricity is very economical and we would like to make sure your garage is well insulated. We use the best polystyrene insulation material to insulate garage door. Even as we do that, we want to make sure security is well upheld which is why we include a steel backup to ensure there is complete toughness on your garage doors.

    If you don’t see any sectional design that you want, don’t hesitate to contact us because we have handled some of the most complicated designs. We always design something perfect for you and install on your garage. No matter the size or the material you want, we can make the door for you and install it. Our team is skilled, equipped and experienced to deliver the best services.


    Rolling Type of Commercial Garage Doors

    There are limitless options when it comes to rolling garage doors. We can design something very specific and fitting to your garage to ensure perfect service delivery. Most of our rollers are made from top-notch galvanized steel that you can be sure to offer maximum security to your door.

    All of the rolling panels or doors are made fire-resistant and you can have them either in insulated form or uninsulated form. We also have a rolling sheet that you can always be sure to offer you the best service at your commercial garage.


    Perfect Designing That Matches Architectural Designs and Aesthetic Features

    We don’t want your garage door to appear like it is out of place. For this reason, we make sure all designs and accessories match your building’s architectural features. We install it in a manner that would make it appear like it was built together with the building.

    The driveway that leads to your garage can also be built to make it look unique and outstanding. The colors, small designs, frames, sizes and all features of the garage door will be made to be in uniformity with the building aesthetic features.

    Steel And Aluminium Doors

    Polyurethane Insulated Doors

    Polystyrene Insulated

    Ribbed Steel Doors



    We Do All Types of Repairs

    You may be having a garage door that is outdated, old or it is malfunctioning. Whatever the reason, we can always make sure we fix all the problems and deliver the best results at all times. We have all the spare parts and diagnostic tools to identify the problem and offer the perfect solution.

    All our services come with a warrant so you can be sure even after we leave your place, any problem that arises within the warranty period will be properly fixed. Book a service with us and you will see your garage door efficiency restored.

    Whatever design you may be looking for, we are always capable of delivering exactly what you want. Aluminum, steel, wood or combined materials, we can design the best commercial garage door for you that will be efficient and provide maximum security to your garage bay.