Garage Door Spring Repair

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    Garage Door Spring Repair

    A garage door spring is not a component most homeowners consider until it is broken. When this happens, you will be stuck in your garage with a door that will not open, and you won’t be able to get your car out to get to work or wherever you need to go. This is frustrating and problematic. If you need garage door spring repair in Milton, Waterloo, Guelph or Kitchener, the experts at AMS Garage Doors can help!

    Contacting a professional to complete garage door spring repair is highly recommended because this task must be completed safely and properly; otherwise, you can run into dangerous consequences. Experience is necessary for these repairs, and hiring a pro will save you from hazards you may otherwise face. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you will not be able to complete the necessary repair and will continue to have a garage door that will not open. A DIY route may save you a few dollars, but this option is not worth taking, especially if you don’t have any experience.

    One of the reasons why hiring a professional is best is because there are different types of garage door springs and most homeowners are unaware of each component necessary for a functioning garage door. Before a garage door spring can be repaired, you must verify the type of spring that needs to be replaced, and there are two main categories:


    1. Extension Springs

    These long, thin springs run parallel to the door’s horizontal tracks and store energy by extending or stretching when the door is moved. Extension springs can be open-looped, double-looped or clipped-end.

    • Open-looped extension springs are the weakest style and rely on an open wire at the end. If this wire breaks, the entire spring will have to be replaced, which is true even if the wire is the only part of the faulty mechanism.
    • Double-looped extension springs are stronger and feature two coils at the spring’s end connecting to the pulley and eyebolt.
    • Clipped-end extension springs are the strongest and will last longer. These springs are often used on garage doors that weigh more than 200 lbs.



    2. Torsion Springs

    A garage door can have between one and four torsion springs, depending on your door size, weight and strength. Torsion springs are broad and can be found on a metal shaft directly above the door opening. Aluminum drums are placed on either end of the metal shaft, and the springs will be wound to a specific torsion setting concerning the assembly, which can be:

    • Standard torsion springs are generally found on residential garage doors and are ideal for lighter doors that only require one spring for effective operation.
    • Early-set torsion springs are similar to standard torsion springs but are mounted in the middle of the torsion shaft.
    • Steel rolling-door torsion springs are generally used in commercial and industrial buildings and are contained within the torsion barrel.
    • Torque-master torsion springs are enclosed in the torsion shaft and held in place by a winding cone at the end of every torsion rod. 

    The most common spring types for residential replacement are any of the extension springs or the standard or early-set torsion springs. 


    Why Hire Professionals for Garage Door Spring Repair?

    Contacting a professional is highly recommended because they will know exactly which type of spring is necessary for your garage door and will avoid making any mistakes concerning adjacent components. Garage door spring repairs cannot be completed properly if the wrong type of springs are used, and this is a mistake inexperienced homeowners or commercial building owners can make..

    Professionals will take the correct measurements beforehand, determine which type of spring you need, and replace or repair it accordingly. A pro will also be aware of the dangers associated with this task, including falling garage doors, minor cuts and activated openers during replacement. Working with springs under tension can pose severe hazards, including flying metal (if a winding cone or spring breaks). The risk of minor to severe cuts is also a hazard you may experience; this is why torsion spring replacements should always be completed by professionals. 

    While a DIY route may be tempting, tackling broken springs is complex and can lead to severe injuries. Protecting yourself and your family should be your top priority. You should trust the professionals, and only attempt garage door spring repair in Milton, Waterloo, Guelph or Kitchener if you deeply understand the mechanics and how the parts function. Our professionals can quickly and effectively repair the components involved. Lack of knowledge and experience will lead to wrong installations, and the last thing you want to deal with is a garage door falling on yourself or others nearby. This is a scary situation that can happen if the springs break and they lose tension, but a professional will know exactly how much tension your door requires to stay lifted.

    Contact a garage door expert at AMS for garage door spring repair in Milton, Waterloo, Guelph or Kitchener residents. We will ensure a quality, long-lasting repair, and you will not have to worry about damages.

    Here at AMS Garage Door, we ensure 100% successful garage door spring repairs and make sure that your home, family and assets are not vulnerable to injury due to broken garage door springs. We provide all our clients with quick and cost-efficient repairs, and we can complete your residential garage door spring repairs in no time! We have the necessary tools and knowledge, with years of experience in this field. Our technician will quickly handle the problem, so you can open and close your garage door again—stress-free.

    We will provide you with honest information and have years of training, allowing us to diagnose garage door problems quickly. We will present you with the best solutions based on the cause of the problem and fix your garage door fast!


    Garage Door Spring Problems?

    If your garage door won’t open, it is most likely the result of a broken spring, which is the component responsible for lifting the garage door. When installed correctly, the garage door spring will balance your door, which will make it easy to lift by hand and also easier on the garage door opener, which can run more smoothly and last for many years. Garage door spring repairs need to be done as soon as possible, and our team offers a number of services, including same-day service. We also offer fair pricing, and our technicians will install the correct spring for your garage door. 

    Every garage door has a different weight, and correct garage door spring installation will ensure it balances properly. You can rely on our team in this regard because we have years of experience in this field and are passionate about our work. We care about our clients and serve customers in the Guelph, Kitchener, Milton and Waterloo areas.


    Garage Door Repair & Installation Experts

    Our technicians will always assess the problem and will then recommend the best solution based on this information. We will discuss every detail, including garage door spring repair costs and your schedule. 

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