Garage Door Design

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    Canyon Ridge

    Insulated carriage house garage doors with faux wood-look overlays on a steel base

    Ultra Grain

    Insulated carriage house garage doors with faux wood-look composite overlays.

    Modern Series

    Insulated modern style garage doors with faux wood-look composite overlays.


    Authentic looking insulated steel and composite carriage house garage doors.

    Grand Harbor

    Steel and composite carriage house garage doors with or without insulation.

    Gallery Series

    Grooved panel steel carriage house garage doors with or without insulation.

    Classic Series

    Classic short or long panel steel garage doors with or without insulation.

    Modern Steel

    Subtle modern beauty, simple up-keep.

    Avante Series

    Modern glass and aluminum garage doors.

    Reserve Wood

    You dream it, we build it!

    Reserve Wood

    Handcrafted insulated modern style garage doors made in the beauty of natural wood.

    Reserve Wood ( Limited Edition )

    Handcrafted insulated wood carriage house designs with exceptional beauty, energy efficiency, and strength.


    Residential Garage Door Designs

    A well-designed house has architectural components that rhyme with each other. The sizes, the shapes, and colors are all in harmony from windows, doors to walls and roof. When having an exterior view of your house, the garage should not compromise the wonderful look of your house. Any garage door that stands out is not good but a typically designed door is always the best match for your house.

    We have been in the industry for long, we have the impeccable skills to analyze your house and design a customized garage door design for your house. Regardless of the material you would like your garage door to be made from, we can craft the best design for your house.


    Accessibility and Driveway Designs

    The driveway to your garage is part of your garage. Its appearance and decorations determine how perfect your garage looks. We can go an extra mile to construct a perfect driveway leading to your garage door for easy accessibility and aesthetic enhancement.

     Whether you want the driveway to have concrete tiles, have built pavements, or any design and style that you would like, we can always design something typical to your home. You may have ideas but try not to be against the general aesthetics of your house. Even if you absolutely have no idea of the garage door design you would like to install, we can design it for you.


    Our Designs Are Meant to Enhance the Quality of Your Facade

    Roofs, doors, siding, windows and other features such as porches, railings, and shutters play a role in enhancing the magnificence of your Façade. The garage design and its door play a major role in improving the aesthetics of your home. We all factors into consideration and design garage doors that will improve the wonderful appearance of your Façade. We not only concentrate on building a quality bay but we also ensure the design is contemporary in appearance.


    We Match Quality with Designs

    People always want a clean, sleek look when selecting garage doors but have you ever tried to ask yourself the material behind that elegant look? If it’s a designed door you are looking for, we use all-new top-quality materials to make your garage door. All doors must rhyme or fit the architectural features of your house. We manage to achieve this by analyzing your house before making any garage door design.  

    We first draw a sketch of the garage so that clients get a clear picture of how their garage door would like before we assemble resources and start the construction work. If it is metal, we use top quality all-new coated metals, if it is wood, we use the toughest hardwood possible. All hardware we use is reliable and you can be sure to have a long-lasting and robust garage door.


    Color and Garage Door Types

    There are limitless options when it comes to garage door colors and we would like to paint something that would not change the general theme of your house. For this reason, there are no specific colors to any garage doors. We look at your windows, doors, roof, wall colors, and other components to ensure paint the best colors that will yield a wonderful typical look.

     Carriage style doors, Raised-Panel Door, and Contemporary Doors are some of the garage door styles you could have in your house. We are not fixed; it all depends on your preferences since we have all the resources at our disposal to create outstanding typical garage door designs.

     Once you choose your style, we begin to create the design and its aesthetic components. We can include other decorative components like styled windows, some engraving for those who choose wood, and as well as external garage door designed.


    Quality Enhancement After Designing

    A wonderful design without quality features is not satisfactory at all. We can insulate your door so that it becomes energy efficient. We can add security features like automatic locks so that you trust it with the safety of your vehicle. All our door designs are made to function smoothly and quietly. Openers, springs, and switches are all of the top quality so will have you have a reliable garage door you can always trust.

    Don’t look further, we are the one-stop point for all your garage door designs needs in Canada. Our unparalleled experience and skills enable us to deliver exactly what clients are looking for. No matter the size, type or style that you want, we can always deliver to your expectations.