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    As a proud family-owned business, AMS Garage Doors has been providing Georgetown homeowners and businesses with expert garage door opener installation and repair services for over 10 years. We have worked on all major brands including LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Craftsman, Genie, Linear and more. If you’ve been considering a new garage door, we’ve provided quality service across Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Burlington, and Georgetown, extending across much of the GTA in Ontario, Canada. If you live in Georgetown or the surrounding areas, we’ll help with your garage door maintenance, garage door parts, or door replacement today.

    Whether you are looking for service and repair for your sectional overhead doors, commercial garage door, residential garage door repair services or emergency service, get in touch with our team for a service call.

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    Garage Door Installation & Repair Experts

    Our qualified technicians have the knowledge to accurately diagnose any issue with your opener and perform the necessary repairs to get your system functioning properly again.

    Georgetown Garage Doors: Ontario Trusts AMS

    Whether you need a tune up, repair, component replacement or a brand-new opener installed, AMS Garage Doors has the parts, tools and expertise to resolve your problem quickly and cost-effectively.

    We know how inconvenient and disruptive a broken garage door opener can be, stopping you from getting your vehicles or equipment in and out. Our team works swiftly while taking every precaution to ensure your opener repair is long-lasting. Contact us today to schedule service!

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    Common Opener Issues in Georgetown:

    Garage Door Repair: Common Garage Door Opener Problems in Georgetown

    The temperature fluctuations between hot summers and cold winters in Georgetown put a lot of strain on garage door openers over time. Some common issues we see:

    • Lack of maintenance and lubrication causes opener gears, sprockets, bearings, pulleys and shafts to wear out prematurely. This can lead to the opener motor burning out from overexertion trying to lift the door.
    • Chains and drive belts slipping off their tracks frequently snaps the circuit board interrupter switches. This disables the opener from running until the switches are replaced.
    • Remote access and wall console issues like faulty capacitors, water damage or general electronics failure often occur. Faulty remotes mean you lose the convenience of keyless entry.
    • Motion sensors misaligning or developing faults disables the vital automatic safety reverse function that prevents injury and damage.

    Garage Door Services

    AMS Garage Doors will accurately determine the cause of any opener malfunction and take care of necessary repairs. We have all standard replacement parts in stock to minimize downtime. Trust our expertise!

    Georgetown Opener Repair Process:

    How AMS Garage Doors Professionals Repair Openers in Georgetown

    At AMS Garage Doors, our technicians follow a rigorous process to properly assess and resolve any opener problem:

    1. Job Site Evaluation: We thoroughly examine your entire garage door system to check for any issues like springs, rollers, etc. that may be contributing to the problem.


    2. Diagnostic Testing: We use advanced techniques like voltage, resistance and force testing to isolate the malfunctioning component.
    3. Component Replacement: Based on the issue, we will replace worn parts like motors, drive gears, logic boards, sensors, wall consoles, capacitors etc.
    4. Adjustments & Lubrication: To extend system lifespan after repairs, we lubricate moving parts, check adjustments and ensure everything is functioning optimally.
    5. Safety Inspection: The opener system is cycle tested multiple times to verify proper operation. Safety detection systems are confirmed fully functional.
    6. Operator Programming: As needed, we reprogram the opener unit to sync with remote controls, keypads, Wi-Fi connectivity modules and other accessories.

    Our experienced technicians take great care to install replacement parts properly the first time for lasting, hassle-free performance. We stand behind our workmanship.

    Expert Garage Door Opener Repairs in Georgetown

    For skilled opener installation and repairs in Georgetown, contact the experts at AMS Garage Doors today at (647) 923-1209 or [email protected]. Our qualified technicians are available 24/7 to resolve any garage door emergency quickly.

    We have worked on all major brands and types of residential and commercial openers found throughout Georgetown, Guelph, Halton Hills, Milton, Acton and surrounding regions. With industry-leading warranties and meticulous service, you can rest assured your opener will operate reliably for years to come after being repaired by AMS Garage Doors.

    Residential Garage Doors: AMS Expert Services

    Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate our quality work, transparent pricing, expertise and depth of knowledge when it comes to garage door openers. We carry all standard parts to minimize downtime. Contact AMS Garage Doors today to schedule service for opener issues, broken springs, off-track doors and more. Let our decade-plus experience servicing garage doors in Georgetown and the GTA benefit you!

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