A Reliable Solution for Garage Door Spring Repair in Georgetown

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    As a locally-owned garage door service company in Ontario, Canada, AMS Garage Doors has been providing quality spring repair and replacement services to Georgetown homeowners and businesses for over 10 years. If you’ve been concerned about your garage door installation, and are considering a new garage door, garage door opener repair service, or an overall improvement to your garage door systems, get in touch with our experts today! We service much of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions, from Mississauga to Chamberlain, and Georgetown.

    Garage Door Opener & Spring Maintenance

    We understand how much of a hassle and inconvenience a broken spring can cause, preventing you from accessing your garage. Don’t put up with the grinding noises, uneven door movements or sticking doors indicating faulty springs any longer. We have access to quality garage door parts and

    Garage Door Repair

    AMS Garage Doors has the skill, inventory and experience to expertly replace broken torsion springs and extension springs on any residential or commercial garage door in Georgetown. Our qualified technicians are fully trained on proper protocols to remove old springs and install new replacement springs safely. You can trust us for all your spring repair needs!

    Common Spring Problems in Georgetown

    Georgetown‘s humid, variable climate contributes significantly to garage door springs wearing out prematurely. The extreme swings between summer heat and winter freezing cause the coiled metal to rapidly expand and contract, leading to cracking and breakage over short periods.

    Overhead Garage Doors: Common Concerns

    • Rust and corrosion buildup on extension springs from road salt, ice and other wintry conditions
    • Torsion springs mounted above door cracking or snapping from metal fatigue over frequent open/close cycles
    • Temperature fluctuations degrading the structural integrity of the spring materials
    • Lack of maintenance and lubrication accelerates wear and tear on springs
    • Off-balance doors from issues like broken cables overworking the springs

    Commercial or Residential Garage Doors: Your Go-To Source

    Noticing increased difficulty operating your door, uneven movements, or loud grinding sounds all point to broken springs that should be replaced right away by our experts before further damage or injury occurs.

    Georgetown Spring Repair Process

    Replacing worn or broken garage door springs requires proper tools, safety know-how and precise adjustment. Here is how our AMS Garage Doors professionals expertly repair springs:

    • Job Site Evaluation:
      We thoroughly assess your door to determine the exact specifications for replacement springs.

    • Preparation:
      We take all safety precautions like blocking the door from potential falls.

    • Spring Removal:
      We slowly detach the broken springs using winding bars to control decompression.

    • Installation:
      We replace springs with new torsion or extension springs sized and calibrated for your door specifically.

    • Winding Bars & Adjustment:
      The new springs are tightened incrementally to achieve optimal counterbalance lift force.

    • Safety Checks:
      Once installed, the door is tested repeatedly to ensure balanced, smooth operation.

    • Lubrication & Maintenance:
      Moving parts are lubricated and adjusted to extend the system lifespan.

    Our expertise ensures your new springs are sized, calibrated and installed properly for safe functioning once again.

    Garage Door Spring Repair: Georgetown Trusts AMS

    For expert spring repair services in Georgetown, contact the professionals at AMS Garage Doors today at (647) 923-1209 or [email protected]. Our experienced technicians are available 24/7 to address any garage door emergency quickly.

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    Garage Door Repair Services

    We have worked on all major brands and types of residential and commercial doors found throughout Georgetown, Guelph, Halton Hills, Milton, Acton and surrounding regions. With industry-leading warranties and meticulous service, you gain peace of mind having your springs repaired by AMS Garage Doors.

    We’ll take care of all your garage door needs, from door replacement to emergency service, our dedication is 100% committed to customer satisfaction. With day service and an affordable price model, our garage door repair company will ensure all of your garage door maintenance, service, repairs and installation are taken care of with just one service call today!

    Georgetown Garage Door Experts

    Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate our quality work, transparent pricing, expertise and depth of knowledge when it comes to garage door springs. We stand firmly behind our repairs.

    Contact AMS Garage Doors today to schedule service for broken springs, opener issues, off-track doors and more. Let our 10+ years’ experience servicing garage doors in Georgetown and the GTA benefit you. Call now for a free quote or appointments!

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