Most people use their garage door daily and require it to function safely. You expect a garage door to go up and down on demand several times daily, and it’s only natural for a garage door to require service. However, many homeowners neglect this task and only contact repair technicians when they experience an issue. This is problematic for many reasons, and depending on the severity of the issue, you may need a replacement. Or, you can face safety issues, which can lead to devastating consequences for any objects or people underneath. This situation must be avoided at all costs, and having your garage door serviced regularly will eliminate risk. 

Many homeowners simply need to learn how often their garage door must be serviced, and in most situations, this task needs to be done twice a year, ideally once in the spring and once in the fall. However, this will depend on your specific situation, and you may need to service your garage door more often or less often. 

Contacting garage door companies near you is a great idea because they can provide accurate information after assessing the condition of your garage door. They will discuss how frequently you should check your garage door and will provide you with professional recommendations. 

Garage Door Service Once a Year

Garage door servicing should be done once a year at the very least, and an annual check may be enough if you don’t normally experience any garage door issues throughout the year. Contacting a garage door service technician for an annual check will help prolong your door’s life because yearly preventative maintenance will make a big difference. The technician may lubricate certain door areas, tighten screws and bolts and adjust your spring tension. These steps will help prevent problems from popping up down the road, and you will be able to maintain your once-a-year inspection routine. 

If you find that your garage door is experiencing frequent issues, it is recommended that you get your garage door serviced twice a year to ensure you don’t run into surprises. You should do this before the harsh winter season kicks in and after the winter season to ensure your garage door is functioning properly. 

Garage Door Service Once a Month

Having your garage door professionally checked once or twice a year is highly recommended, but you should also consider checking it yourself every month. This will further help you avoid any problems and will help keep garage door issues at bay. 

There are a few tips to follow, and you must first check to see if you can open your door manually without an opener from the driveway. If your door features windows, check if any part of the glass is broken. You should also listen for any unusual noises during your checks because a whiny sound or clicking sound when you open and close the door may indicate a problem. You need to make sure the door can close completely without any issues, and if you notice anything that does not sound right or seems problematic, garage door servicing is required. You should take notes to share the issues with the technician who will come to inspect your garage door yearly or seasonally. 

Professional Garage Door Service

You are highly recommended to contact qualified garage door technicians for all your servicing needs because skill and experience are required, and you can rest assured you are receiving the best service. 

A dedicated service provider will help maintain your garage door, alleviate potential headaches, and minimize the risk of injury. If you lack experience and do not know what you are doing, you can hurt yourself and become injured. Professionals know what steps to take and will prioritize safety to ensure service is completed right. Professional technicians have experience handling heavy garage doors and know how to minimize the risk of injury. 

If you don’t have the right skills, even the smallest issue can become a big problem, and you may end up doing more damage to your door. Skilled and experienced professionals will know where the problem is, use the right tools to fix the issue, and determine if you need simple maintenance or extensive repairs. They will ensure proper operation and provide a positive customer experience. 

Finally, professionals will always use the latest tools and equipment and will provide you with successful repairs. They offer a number of services, including garage door installation, garage door opener installation, spring repair and more. They are trained to use the latest equipment and tools to handle garage door problems. 


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