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    As a proud family-owned business serving Waterloo for over 10 years, AMS Garage Doors understands how important it is to have a properly functioning garage door. We know how annoying and disruptive a broken spring can be, stopping you from getting your vehicles in and out of your garage.

    Get in touch with our team, one of the local leaders in the garage door industry for installation of new doors, residential garage doors, opener repair, spring repair service, and so much more.

    Garage Door Repair Waterloo Can Rely On

    Our team can help you select the best garage door if you are considering a new garage door—alternatively, we can assist with the technical skills and know-how for spring replacement on your overhead door. Broken spring replacement, cable repair, and emergency repair are our bread and butter.

    Garage Door Repair & Garage Door Services

    Don’t put up with sticking doors, uneven movements or grinding noises indicating spring problems any longer. AMS Garage Doors has the skill, experience and inventory to expertly replace broken springs on residential and commercial doors of any size in Waterloo.

    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Our qualified technicians are fully trained to safely remove busted torsion springs, extension springs and replace them with high quality parts sized and calibrated specifically for your door. We take every precaution and use proper protocols to prevent injuries when working on springs. Trust us for all your spring repair and replacement needs in Waterloo, ON.

    Common Spring Problems in Waterloo:

    Why Do Garage Door Springs Break So Often?

    Waterloo‘s cold, snowy winters put garage door springs through a lot of stress and wear and tear. The extreme temperature fluctuations between seasons cause the metal coils to expand and contract frequently, leading to fatigue and cracking. Road salt, ice accumulation and exposure to the elements also accelerates corrosion and rust build-up on the springs.

    Garage Door Opener: Common Concerns in Ontario

    Some of the common spring problems we see:

    • Torsion springs: These heavy, tightly coiled springs mounted above the door crack and break from age and use. One broken spring puts more strain on the remaining springs, causing them to break as well.
    • Extension springs: Stretched vertically along the sides of the door, these lighter springs rust and corrode from moisture exposure, leading to breakage and malfunction.
    • Broken or loose cables and pulleys also contribute to spring failure as the system is thrown off balance.

    Garage Door Installation & Garage Door Repair Services

    Noticing your garage door becoming stuck, moving unevenly, or making loud grinding noises are all signs of broken springs that should be addressed right away before further problems occur. Don’t hesitate to call our experts!

    Waterloo Spring Repair Process:

    Garage Door Company: How We Repair Broken Springs

    Replacing broken garage door springs requires expertise, the proper tools and safety know-how. Here is how we complete spring repairs professionally with our garage door maintenance services in the Kitchener-Waterloo region:

    1. Job Site Evaluation: We thoroughly assess your garage door system to determine the exact specifications of the needed replacement springs.
    2. Preparation: We take all safety precautions like blocking and locking the door, so it does not accidentally lower during service.
    3. Spring Removal: Using winding bars, we slowly unwind and detach the broken torsion and extension springs from your door. Springs are decompressed in a controlled manner to avoid hazards.
    4. Installation: We replace worn springs with new torsion or extension springs made to OEM specifications for proper lifting capacity and door balance.
    5. Winding Bars & Calibration: The new springs are tightened incrementally to achieve the optimal lift force and counterbalance. Specialized winding bars allow fine-tuning of spring tension.
    6. Safety Check: Once installed, the travel and operation are tested multiple times to ensure smooth movement and weight balance. Safety features are confirmed functional.
    7. Lubrication & Maintenance: Moving parts are lubricated and adjusted to extend system lifespan.

    You can have confidence in our expertise to get your garage door’s springs repaired and realigned properly for safe, reliable functioning again.

    Garage Door Spring Repairs in Waterloo

    For skilled spring repair and replacement services in Waterloo, contact the experts at AMS Garage Doors today at (647) 923-1209 or [email protected]. Our qualified technicians are available 24/7 to resolve any garage door emergency.

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    Residential & Commercial Garage Door Service

    We have worked on all major brands and types of residential and commercial doors found throughout Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge and surrounding regions. We carry a large in-stock inventory of springs for quick repairs. Specialized winding tools combined with precise calibration methods allow us to balance the customized springs to lift your door smoothly once again.

    Waterloo Garage Door Experts

    Homeowners and business owners alike appreciate our quality work, transparent pricing, industry-leading warranties and depth of expertise when it comes to garage door spring work. We stand behind our repairs.

    Contact AMS Garage Doors today to schedule service for broken springs, opener issues, off-track doors and more. Our friendly staff is happy to provide quotes and answer your questions. Let us put our decade-plus experience servicing garage doors in Waterloo to work for you. Call now to book an appointment!

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