Introducing a new garage door is a major upgrade that can completely transform the look and function of your home’s exterior. Properly installing a garage door requires advanced technical skills and experience in order to ensure it operates reliably for years to come. With over 15 years of serving homeowners in the region, AMS Garage Doors stands out as the top choice for flawless garage door installation in Guelph, Milton, Waterloo, Kitchener and Georgetown. Our team offers an unparalleled level of expertise, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Specialized Experience with Garage Door Installation

As true garage door installation experts, AMS Garage Doors has extensive specialized experience across all major brands and models. Our technicians stay up-to-date on the latest industry technology and innovations to recommend and install the optimal solutions tailored to each customer’s needs. At AMS Garage Doors, quality workmanship and full customer satisfaction come first and foremost.

Our skilled technicians at AMS Garage Doors have honed our craft over decades of experience successfully installing garage doors in homes throughout the region. This real-world experience has allowed us to master critical skills like assessing site conditions, making customized recommendations, acquiring precise measurements, properly installing doors, safely removing old doors, and finishing jobs with care and precision. You can count on a perfect fit and smooth operation.

Unrivalled Quality Installation Process

The AMS Garage Doors installation process is unrivalled in ensuring the best possible outcome:

  • Thorough site evaluation – Technicians will carefully examine your existing door, garage structure, entryway size, and other important factors. This allows our experts to recommend options best suited for your home.
  • Door and accessories selection – Based on your budget, aesthetics, and functionality needs, AMS technicians will help you choose the optimal replacement door, as well as openers, remotes, windows, and other accessories to suit your preferences.
  • Precision measurements – Utilizing advanced tools and techniques, the technicians acquire extremely precise measurements of your garage entry’s width, height, depth, and contours. This ensures a fully customized fit.
  • Expert installation – With extensive preparation and care, AMS technicians will then expertly install your new customized door. We take great pride in our workmanship.
  • Testing and adjustments – The technicians will methodically test the door operations and make any fine-tuning adjustments to ensure optimal, safe function.
  • Clean up – The team will completely clean the job site when done, leaving your property neat and tidy.

Peace of Mind with Quality Service

Choosing AMS Garage Doors provides complete peace of mind thanks to our proven commitment to 100% customer satisfaction. All labour and parts are backed by industry-leading warranties to protect your investment. As a local company, AMS technicians are always promptly available should any issue arise needing attention. For homeowners wanting a garage door that performs flawlessly year after year, look no further than AMS Garage Doors.

Decades of Combined Expertise

Collectively, AMS Garage Doors technicians possess decades of real-world expertise, exclusively installing and servicing garage doors in the Guelph, Milton, Waterloo, Kitchener and Georgetown areas. This wealth of hyper-localized experience simply can’t be matched by other companies. The AMS team knows which door brands and models best suit the region’s dynamic weather conditions. We understand the nuances of each community we serve. Homeowners can trust that AMS Garage Doors will recommend, customize, and install the optimal garage door solution tailored to their unique needs.

Common Garage Door Installation Issues Addressed

Part of AMS Garage Doors’ expertise includes common issues that arise with garage door installations:

  • Sagging doors – Doors can begin to sag over time from use and age. AMS technicians will ensure the door is properly reinforced and operates smoothly without sagging.
  • Noisy operation – Older doors often creak and rattle during use. New doors are installed to open and close quietly.
  • Weather protection – Gaps or damage that allow outside elements like leaves and rain inside will be addressed for improved weather sealing.
  • Insulation – Poor insulation results in energy loss and temperature fluctuations. AMS can install insulated doors or add insulation kits to improve efficiency.
  • Vehicle clearance – Adjustments during installation ensure adequate overhead clearance for vehicles.
  • Safety concerns – Key safety sensors, pinch protection, and auto-reverse functionality will be configured to avoid entrapment or injury.

With our extensive expertise, AMS can solve any potential issues proactively during the installation process or down the road if needed. This saves homeowners headaches and hassles.

Range of Door Options to Suit Your Needs

Beyond standard garage doors, AMS Garage Doors offers various upgrades and enhancements to match your aesthetic preferences and functionality needs:

  • Materials – Steel, aluminum, vinyl, fibreglass, and wood doors in various colours, textures, and designs. Insulated versions are also available.
  • Window options – Choose from a range of window styles and layouts or select no windows at all. Windows allows light inside.
  • Automation – Motorized openers, remote operation, smartphone control, and keypads for convenience.
  • Security – Security panels, motion detectors, cameras, and electronic locks can be incorporated for enhanced protection.
  • Customization – AMS can customize doors with specialized sizing, materials, windows, hardware, and other modifications as desired.
  • Accent details – Decorative hardware, trims, mouldings, and lighting can be added to elevate aesthetics.

AMS technicians will ensure all specifications match your vision and needs from both beauty and performance perspectives.

Dedicated to Safety and Customer Service

While some companies treat installations as just another job, that’s not the case at AMS Garage Doors. Key advantages include:

  • Background checked technicians
  • Safety tested equipment
  • Careful worksite preparation and cleanup
  • Thorough inspection prior to handoff
  • Prompt response for any issues
  • Friendly, transparent customer service

These values demonstrate AMS’s genuine commitment to providing an excellent customer experience built on quality workmanship and mutual trust.

Make the Wise Decision for Quality and Value

Increasing your home’s functionality, safety, energy efficiency, and resale value with a quality garage door requires an experienced installation company you can fully rely on. With unmatched expertise after installing thousands of garage doors in Guelph, Milton, Waterloo, Kitchener and Georgetown homes, AMS Garage Doors is simply the wise choice.

Our processes and craftsmanship result in optimal, long-lasting performance you can count on. For your next garage door installation, look no further than the top professionals at AMS Garage Doors

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